Venus: how long does it take us to reach?


Venus is the second planet of the Solar System and it’s been the an interesting subject t since the beginning of the space esploration. But how far is its orbit? And how long doest it take us to reach?

Venus: how far is from us?

A Sovietc probe launched into space in the 1961 reached Venus in 97 days to do a close flyby but it got lost before to be able to sent some dates. Nasa as well in 1962 sent a probe that reached the planet in 115 days and sent dates and informations about temperature. Recently ESA and the Space Japan Agency sent some probes that have reached the planet in 261km that divide us in 150 and 180 days

The differences in travel time

The differences in travel time are because during the years the experts have understood that point the probe with the shortest trajectory is not enought. In fact they have to calculate transfer orbits, deceleration maneuvres and gravity compensation. This is the reason why to do a security flyby and be able to be caught from the planet gravity in a stationary orbit, a travel couldn’t last less than 150 days. In this way we can finally wach the big atmosphere make by carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, generates the biggest greenhouse effect of the Solar System, making Venus the hottest planet

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