What about Bob Dylan: towards 80 years

Bob Dylan

Defining Bob Dylan as a singer-songwriter is perhaps a bit simplistic. As the multifaceted American artist is also a writer, poet, painter, actor and radio host. Next 24 May he will be 80 years old, and a magical event will expect him.

What kind of news of Bob Dylan?

Only last week the Nobel Prize for Literature went to a judge to close a case worth 7.5 million dollars claimed by the widow of gis collaborator. We are talking about Jacques Levy, on the agreement of 300 million collected on December with the sale of the music catalog to Universal Music. Meanwhile the celebrations for his birthday are preparing. Patti Smith, who in 2016 went to Stockholm to collect the Nobel Prize Bob Dylan, in her name, moved. While singing “A hard’s rain a-gonna fall.” She will celebrate Dylan on 22 May at Spring Festival at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park in upstate New York. Also partying in Duluth, where, Bob Dylan born 80 years ago. While in nearby Hibbing, where the family moved after polio-stricken father Abram Zimmermann lost his job, plans for a monument in the high school courtyard where Bob graduated in 1959.

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Three new books and a re-edition

At the center of the Dylan’s celebrations is the publication of three new books and a re-edition. “You Lose Yourself You Reappear” by Morley in bookstores in April. This is a “personal response” to an enigmatic and transforming character. While, the biographer Clinton Heflin will return to examine the formative years in “The Double Life of Bob Dylan.” Sean Latham will print “The World of Bob Dylan”on April 30. A lot of events to celebrate the man behind the artist and the poet, the songwriter. A man who really changed music world and literary world. So our best wishes to this emblematic artist for next 24 May and for all the events dedicated to him.


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