Why Andrew Cuomo should run for a fourth term

Why Andrew Cuomo

In a year, New Yorkers will be called to the polls the elect the next governor of the State. Andrew Cuomo, the current governor, has the possibility to run for his fourth, last term. After several alleged scandals involving him, polls show a part of the local population is not supposed to vote for Cuomo any more. But I think is not personal behavior what we need to take into consideration in a politician, especially in the case he is very competent and experienced. Here is why Andrew Cuomo should run for a fourth term.

Why should Andrew Cuomo run for a fourth term?

The next year, the elections to elect the next governor are taking place in New York State. Current governor Andrew Mark Cuomo has the possibility to run for a fourth term. Many people highlight that it stands out from polls that New Yorkers do not want him to run again, especially since governor Cuomo has been involved in alleged scandals. However, I would like to put in evidence why I personally think Andrew Cuomo should run for a fourth term in spite of these facts.  

A right man for a difficult-to-manage, powerful State

Dear New Yorkers, before putting aside a great, if not excellent governor, you have to think about it very carefully. We need able and experienced political leader. For the importance of the work that they fill. My country – I live in Italy- is famous for its long list of incompetent leaders we have had for the past decades. And this has negatively affected our society in several ways. It would be devastating for New York to have someone not so prepared at power, as it is one of the most important areas in the world, a State difficult to fully manage covering important roles within the international community, whether economy, tourism or education is taken into consideration. Private life and personal behavior are not what we have to like in politicians, rather than their capability of governing.

And Andrew Cuomo is the right man for New York, for the fact he boasts a far superior curriculum if compared with many others. Cuomo has been managing a State which, until before the coronavirus pandemic, had constant budget surpluses, as well as good schools and infrastructures, a high rate of literacy accompanied by a low unemployment rate. Governor is exactly the person capable of managing an abrupt deficit in the State budget, as well as any other issue may occur. That is because, differently from many any politicians, he does not fear the idea to make responsible, despite sometimes unpopular, decisions.

Cuomo, a progressist in the real sense of the word

Several members of the more progressist wing of the Democratic party criticize the current NY governor because of his ‘too much moderate” policies, arguing he is too close to the establishment. Well, I would like to tell these people Andrew Cuomo has reached many successes New Yorkers have had the possibility to take advantage of, improving their quality of life also. In my own opinion, to be progressist does not mean to propose unrealizable projects just because they bring votes, but to be able to make the government work, improving the standard of living of as many citizens as possible. Andrew Cuomo is a real progressist, in the real sense of the word. The so-called ‘progressist” are good at gathering votes, they are a sort of ‘social wizards.

By now, however, those who usually label themselves as progressist have demonstrated not to have the skills required to be at power. Cuomo has succeeded in making the Marriage Equality Act get approved, bringing the minimum wage to 15 dollars, making the Paid Family Leave program more meaningful of the nation get approved. But he has also made it possible to have more strict laws concerning gun safety. Thanks to Cuomo, New York has been the first State at all to guarantee free university lessons for those from the middle class.

Why a competent politician like Andrew Cuomo deserves to lead

Governor Cuomo is one of the few people remained to efficiently and competently carry out the work they have been elected for. He is not perfect, of course. But he raises the hand who has ever met someone perfect. I think no one is going to do it. But you have never to forget that Cuomo is one of the few politicians who, in the midst of a mortal pandemic, has been brave enough to face directly the problem, letting people thoroughly know about what was happening.

In this alternative world, to put aside a so competent politician from the political scenario would be a big mistake. In his very long career, Cuomo has surely made some mistake. However, in my opinion, he is one of the few people deserving to sit in the Oval Office. So, in a few words, I’ll sum up what I would like to suggest as follows: re-elect Cuomo as governor of New York.

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