Yao videogame’s heroine wears Burberry


Burberry wanted to created two wonderful looks for the protagonist of a videogame. Her name is Yao and she is the heroine of “Honor of King.” The famous videogame by TiMi Studios estableshed a new collaboration for Burberry with gaming’s world.

What Yao will wear?

The dressed made for Yao, are inspired by a theme very dear to the maison: the spirit of nature. It, in fact, embodied by the protagonist. Yao can so change appearance and take on those of a deer, a symbol so loved by the maison. While the first look highlights the trench coat and the Thomas Burberry monogram; the second one is the virtual transposition of a look that we have already had the opportunity to admire on the catwalk. With the Spring/ Summer 2021 collection. The dress is a navy blue trench coat and a vest embellished with crystals, available in the “Legend” section of the videogame and representing the Spirit of the Forest and the Ocean.

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The maison honored of this project

I am honored to have worked with Honor of King and to have brought the Burberry house to this incredible universe! Yao represents the spirit of nature, she is a protector.” Said the maison. This collaboration was born to the partnership that binds Burberry and Tencent. And allows the maison to go beyond the boundaries of creativity and innovation, exploring a digital world and its concept. The skins made exclusively by Burberry for Honor of King will be available for purchase by players located in mainland China and will remain part of the permanent collection. For the maison it is not the first experience with a videogame. Already in 2019 it had launched B Bounce. An online videogame starring a fawn who has to make a journey to the moon, wearing obviously padded jackets by Burberry.


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