Zeitgeber: the exhibition in Milan has inaugurated Artnoble


These are the last days during which it is possible to visit the exhibition of Matthew Noble. A young gallerist, Noble inaugurated the new space Artboble in Lambrate, Milan, on April 22, when he took part to the collective exhibition entitled Zeitgeber (“time giver” in German). It is a sort of white cube in Via Ponte di Legno 9, Milan.

What is the exhibition Zeitgeber about?

As well as Matthew Noble, other seven artists are exhibiting their own works at the Zeitgeber. They are Giovanni Chiamenti, Simon Nicasz-Dean, Michele Guido, Katherine Jones, Giulia Magnoni, Edoardo Manzoni and Silvia Mariotti. The group reflects about various techniques and supports, for instance photography, sculpture, installation, ceramics, plexiglass and so on. All these techniques base on the concept of Zeitgeber, time giver. This term was first used by Jürgen Aschoff, a German biologist, in order to define an exogenous factor interfering with endogenous factors, so an external element which “gives time” to the organism, synchronizing it with the environment.

All of the seven artists share such a concept as thread of their exhibition. The common element is surely the organicity characterizing their works, both on a technical and practical level. At the end of the exhibition, the space Artnoble offer a bibliography available to the public to make people reflect deeper on what Zeitgeber represent, what its aim is. An experience able to show us that maybe are works themselves that give time to each other, synchronizing one another. And maybe we, looking at the works, are time givers, too. Art is the real external factor influencing us.

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